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Helping Hands Helping Hands Center for Women & Children is a counseling center that desires to extend a helping hand to those individuals in need of someone who cares and understands their situation. Helping Hands is a Christian based counseling center that specializes in the needs of under-privileged women and children within our local community. At Helping Hands Center for Women & Children, we are looking for individuals who are specialized in their field. We are have qualified counselors with previous experience in servicing the specific needs of women and children. As the needs of each person can vary, we utilize a case manager that helps to co-ordinate their needs. Our case managers work with members of the various departments to insure that each case is handled with dignity and with respect. Each client that enters our doors will be treated in the same manner we would treat a member of our own family. Helping Hands Center for Women & Children is a group of people lead by our
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