Week 6 Assignment Part 2 - The fictional business that I...

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The fictional business that I created in week 4 was a Counseling Center. Our goal is to provide quality-counseling services to the under-privileged children of our community. Because this business is designed to provide a specific service, there is no need to worry about different product groups in the general sense. What I have chosen as my business structure will be the Matrix Structure. In the Matrix Structure, there will be one central figure in charge of the entire operation. In this case, that will be myself. Within this structure, there will be two additional managers that all employees will report too. One manager will be responsible for all the different departments within our practice, much like an office manager. The second manager will be a project manager, responsible for co-coordinating all the departments to work on specific projects as they are implemented. The office manager will have the duty to hire the department managers that will be responsible for each department, such as counselors, accounting, administration, and
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Week 6 Assignment Part 2 - The fictional business that I...

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