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There are many ways that a company can motivate its employees. Consider the different types of pay and benefits described on pp. 420-423 of the text. What type of incentive do you think is most effective for creating a motivating work environment? Why? I feel that the most effective form of incentives that an employer can offer is an exceptional health benefits package. I know that for me, this is one of the things that I would look for if I were looking for a new job. I have children and as we all know, children have many health care costs that
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Unformatted text preview: develop over the years. Also, I have had two heart attacks and know how these costs can multiple to an insurmountable level in no time flat. Overall, in order to motivate a company as a whole, I feel that bonus pay based on measurable criteria would be the most compelling. If I know that by meeting specific goals each period, I will have a direct effect on my paycheck, I am more likely to want to put in the extra effort to meet these goals....
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