Week 8 Assignment - Developing Good Business Sense

Week 8 Assignment - Developing Good Business Sense -...

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Developing Good Business Sense Why do operating systems differ? Mark Spencer Axia College BUS 210
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The Operations and Materials Management Process are a set of specific rules a company follows in order to properly maintains the flow of inbound material, production and outbound products. The operations part of any business is the attempt to create value to material that comes into a business. In addition to creating value to material, it is also a set of procedures to turn the material into either finished goods or services. Within the operational procedures of any business, the employees must work together in a cohesive manner or the process will fail. In a fast-food restaurant environment, the person working the counter taking customer orders must maintain the flow of orders being sent back to the prep-cooks. The prep-cooks must insure that the food is prepared to the customer specs as quickly as possible. Once the food has been prepared, it must be packaged and delivered to the customer. In order to insure the customer is satisfied with the product enough to want to return, all these employees must function together as a team or else the procedures are worthless. If you look at the operational procedures of a bicycle manufacturing company, you will notice that there are specific procedures for employees to follow. The receiving staff is tasked with the responsibility of accepting the materials that have been ordered to produce the final product. Once the product has been received, it must then be delivered to the proper area for the manufacturing of each specific component. Depending on the OMM of the specific bicycle company, either raw material to make parts in house or parts manufactured elsewhere are received for assembly. Regardless of the type of material received, it must still go from the receiving department to either the assembly area or the manufacturing area. Once the respective 2
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Week 8 Assignment - Developing Good Business Sense -...

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