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Unformatted text preview: MAC1105: Quiz #17 Solutions July 27, 2010 In the top-right corner of a clean sheet of paper, write your name, UFID, and section number. Please use a pen with blue or black ink. When you are nished, FOLD your paper in half lengthwise and write your name on the back. 1. Sketch the graphs of: (a) f (x) = (b) f (x) = √ 3 x 1 x Both of these graphs are easily found in your book and notes. 2. Consider the function g (x) = x−1 x≤0 . Sketch a graph, and state 2 x>0 its Your sketch should show a line with slope 1 and y intercept -1 (closed dot) to the left of the y axis, and a horizontal line at y = 2 (with an open dot at x = 0) to the right of the y axis. (a) Domain (−∞, ∞) (b) Range (−∞, −1] ∪ {2} (c) x and y intercepts. There are no x-intercepts, and a y -intercept at (0, −1) 3. Let h(x) = −x2 + 2. Sketch its graph, clearly labeling all intercepts. The graph is an upside-down parabola with vertex (0, 2), which is also the √ y -intercept. The x-intercepts are at x = ± 2. 1 ...
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