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CEG 4012 Homework 3 Due Fri Oct. 7 th 2011 Name:_________________________________ Show All Work 1. Use the Schmertmann strain factor method to find the expected settlement (inches) of the embedded footing shown below. Use the CPT q c (bearing) sand profile shown below and a time period of 25 years. The plan footing size is 10 ft x 20 ft and it will be embedded 5 ft below the ground surface. No soil will be backfilled on top of the footing and the load shown (Q) includes the weight of the footing. 2. If the footing in problem 1 is placed on the ground surface (instead of embedded 5 ft) do you expect more or less settlement? Why? 3. A proposed column is to be supported by a 1.5 m wide, 0.5 m deep square footing. The footing will be founded within a silty sand that has the following properties: m = 18 kN/m 3 , c’ = 0 and ’ = 30°. The high groundwater table has been determined to be 3 m below the ground surface. The local building code requires a Factor of Safety (FS) of 2.5. Determine the maximum allowable column load for this foundation. (Use Terzaghi equation).
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