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CEG 4012 Homework 4 Due Mon Oct 10 th 2010 Name:_________________________________ Show All Work 1. Determine the allowable capacity of the steel pipe pile driven into the sand as shown at right. The pipe has a 1" wall thickness (I.D. = 22") and had been sitting in the steel yard and onsite prior to driving (i.e., pipe is somewhat rusted). Use steel = 490 pcf and a global FS = 2. For static analysis it is reasonable to assume that the center of the pipe is plugged completely. The GWT is at a depth of 20'. 2. Rework problem 1 if the pile is driven into the sand layer which is now underlain by a stiff clay with c u = 3 tsf, sat = 118 pcf and begins at a depth of 20 ft (also the coinciding ground water level). Assume pipe is plugged completely.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. A 24" wide, square, prestressed concrete pile will be driven into the clay profile at right. Determine the pile length required to support an allowable load of 220 tons. Design the pile to meet a Factor of Safety = 2. 4. A proposed column is to be supported by a 1.5 m wide, 0.5 m deep square footing. The footing will be founded within a silty sand that has the following properties: m = 18 kN/m 3 , c’ = 0 and ’ = 30°. The high groundwater table has been determined to be 3 m below the ground surface. The local building code requires a Factor of Safety (FS) of 2.5. The load is applied eccentrically with e = 1.0 ft . Use the general BC Meyerhof equation and find the ultimate load, Q u , in kips if. 220...
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