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HW _5_fall-11 - Soil clay cu = 1 tsf = 0 m = 110 pcf D s...

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CEG 4012 Homework 5 Due Fri Oct 21st 2011 Name:_________________________________ Show All Work 1. Determine the ultimate bearing capacity for the drilled shaft (11 m in length and D s = 1.5 m). 2. Rework problem 2 considering the whole pile will be drilled into a uniform well graded sand layer with = 17 kN/m 3 and average N 60 bellow toe = 22 blows/0.3m 3. Consider a square 24” wide concrete pile with length of 60 ft and an allowable load of 220 tons. This pile will be used to support the footing of a bridge pier in a 12-pile group, with three rows of 4 piles at 3B center-center spacing. What is the allowable capacity of the pile group? Check all 3 of the methods described on pp. DF46-47.
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Unformatted text preview: Soil: clay cu = 1 tsf = 0 m = 110 pcf D s Clay C u = 45 kN/m 2 Clay C u = 74 kN/m 2 6 m 5 m 4. The pile group in problem 3 will carry a design column load of 1500 tons. It will also be subjected to a horizontal ship impact load of 300 tons at a height of 15 ft above the bottom of the footing and parallel to the long axis of the group. What are the minimum and maximum individual pile loads caused by the moment due to the horizontal load and will they be safe? Assume an ultimate axial compression capacity of 275 tons and an ultimate axial tension capacity of 24 tons. This is an extreme load condition and the pile capacity will be verified by static load test....
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HW _5_fall-11 - Soil clay cu = 1 tsf = 0 m = 110 pcf D s...

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