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CEG 4012 Homework 6 Due Mon Oct 31 st 2011 Name:_________________________________ Show All Work 1. A 2:1 natural slope is underlain by a 3-m thick (measured vertically) soil cover over bedrock. The soil properties are: c = 0 and φ = 35°, γ m = 18 kN/m 3 and γ sat = 20 kN/m 3 a. What is the overall factor of safety for an unsaturated slope? Has the limit state been exceeded? (>1.0) b. If the slope is flooded, what will the overall factor of safety be? Has the limit state been exceeded? c. If the water seeps through the slope with a phreatic surface parallel to the slope surface, what is the maximum safe slope angle, β ? Use a FS = 1.5. 2. The existing drainage canals on Paynes Prairie need to be evaluated for stability during the Sweetwater Branch restoration project. The canals were cut into existing clayey sand and are to be considered above the water table for the project. Side slopes are steep (i = 80°) and the soil properties are γ m = 124 pcf, φ = 22°, c = 1.5 ksf. What is the maximum allowable depth of cut (ft)
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