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CEG 4012 Homework 7 Due Mon. Nov 7 th 2011 Name:_________________________________ Show All Work 1. A small hydroelectric earthen dam in Martin County was constructed several years ago without filter drains and has begun to show seepage on its face. The thickness of the base roughly equals the dam height (i.e., D=2). The face has a 1:1 slope and it is 40 ft high. The dam was constructed with soil from a nearby borrow pit and the soil properties of both the dam and the base are very similar: γ m = 115 pcf, γ sat = 125 pcf, φ u = 15°, c = 1000 psf, φ ' = 35°, c' = 625 psf If you conservatively assume that r u = 0.5 (saturation), what FS do you calculate ( long term stability ) using the Cousin’s Charts? What is the location of the center of the critical failure surface? 2. Using the Cousin’s charts, determine the FS for an embankment slope with the following conditions: H = 55 ft, 1:1 slope, γ = 110 pcf, c = 600 psf, φ = 20° when r u = 0, 0.3. What is the critical FS for each case of pore pressure? What type of failure would be expected based on this
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