final-2008 - FINAL EXAM CSCE 522 Name: Major: SSN (last 4...

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FINAL EXAM CSCE 522 Name: Major: SSN (last 4 digits): Answer the following questions. Be brief and precise! Undergraduate students need to answer questions for a total of 80 points . Graduate students need to answer all questions. Bonus question is open for all students for extra credit. You have 3 hours to finish the exam. 2010 student! There will be no multiple choice question in the final exam. P ART I – T RUE /F ALSE AND M ULTIPLE C HOICE – 30 POINTS A. 10 POINTS True/False Firewalls can protect an environment only if the firewalls control the entire perimeter. True/False Separation of access control policy from access control mechanism is useful because they can be developed and evaluated independently from each other. True/False Seemingly non-executable files can contain code or scripts that can be executed in various ways and, therefore may harbor viruses. True/False Computer crime is any crime involving a computer or aided by the use of one. True/False A reference monitor must be tamperproof, analyzable, and un-bypassable. True/False Impersonation is a method of monitoring and characterizing network traffic without targeting a particular user. True/False Tuple- and attribute-level security granularities in relational databases enable flexible access control; however, there is no efficient enforcement capabilities are supported by current commercial DBMSs. True/False Although the return in investment is not fully suitable to evaluate information security investment, it is one of the most popular methods to be used to estimate how much to invest in IT security. True/False Orange Book class A1 represents a large increase in the security capabilities of the system compared with class B3. True/False Digital signatures must be un-forgeable, authentic, non-reusable, and non- alterable. Part I – A (10) Part I – B (15) Part II – 1 (10) Part II – 2 (5) Part II – 3 (10) Part II – 4 (10) Part II – 5 (10) Part III – 1 (10) Part III – 2 (10) Part III – 3 (10) Total Grade 1
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B. 15 POINTS 1. A cryptanalysts goal is to a. Break the message b. Break the encryption algorithm c. Recover the key d. None of the above e. All of the above 2. The three security objectives are a. Confidentiality, integrity, and availability
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final-2008 - FINAL EXAM CSCE 522 Name: Major: SSN (last 4...

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