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Project Author Title Reviewer 1 Reviewer 2 Reviewer 3 Aspen Olmsted Workflow Global Resource Conflict Serializability Sched. Biswa RoxAnn David Hack Database Protection in Nuclear Facilities Jie RoxAnn Sujan RoxAnn Stalvey Database Security in High School Aspen David Jie Huang Electronic Health Record Protection Swain Chandra Sujan Jena Leepika Retention Principle in Hippocratic Databases Nikhil Chandra Rincy Nikhil Kapoor Hihg Privileged Insider Threat Biswa Swain Leepika Chandra Kollipara Privacy in Health Care Systems David Leepika Rincy Yuliya Olmo Steam Data Management for VANET RoxAnn Sujan David Rincy Madaan Location Privacy Leepika Biswa Jie Sujan Pakala Secure Stream Data Management Nikhil Chandra
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Unformatted text preview: Biswa Senapati Column-Store Database Management Systems Aspen Swain Nikhil Swain Mrutyunjaya Security Policy Compliance Automation Aspen Rincy Jie Reviewer for Aspen Olmsted RoxAnn Biswa Swain David Hack Chandra RoxAnn RoxAnn Stalvey Aspen David Jie Huang David Rincy Swain Jena Leepika Nikhil Chandra Rincy Nikhil Kapoor Biswa Sujan Jena Chandra Kollipara Sujan Jie Jena Yuliya Olmo Sujan RoxAnn Aspen Rincy Madaan Swain Jena Chandra Sujan Pakala David Jie Biswa Senapati Nikhil Rincy Aspen Swain Mrutyunjaya Jia Nikhil Biswa David /Yuliya Sujan /Yuliya RoxAnn /Yuliya Aspen /Yuliya Sujan /Yuliya RoxAnn /Yuliya...
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