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Name: TEST 1 CSCE 520 – Spring 2003 Name: Major: SSN (last 4 digits): Answer the following questions. Be brief and precise, please. You have 1 hour 15 minutes to finish the test. Undergraduate students answer only questions 1, …, 6 (for a total of 85 points) and 8 if you want to. Question 8 is open for everyone. 1. 25 points Design a database for the Healthy-And-Strong (HAS) fitness club. Assume, that HAS owns several studios. Each studio has a name, address, phone, and hours of operation. Each studio has a manager and other employees. An employee can work for a single studio only and has a name, social security number, phone, and address. The manager is an employee and has date of promotion. Information about the customers (members) of a studio includes names, SSN, phone number, address, and date of joining the studio. Also, for each member, there is a set of workout goals (description of goal and date to be achieved, e.g., loose 30 lb by May 2003), and recommended training programs that includes workout type, trainer, date, start time, and end time. A trainer is an employee with training-license number, expertise, and rating. (10) You need to
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This note was uploaded on 12/13/2011 for the course CSCE 520 taught by Professor Farkas during the Spring '11 term at South Carolina.

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test1-sample1-answer - Name 1 TEST 1 CSCE 520 Spring 2003...

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