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Name: TEST 1 CSCE 520 – Spring 2003 Name: Major: SSN (last 4 digits): Answer the following questions. Be brief and precise, please. You have 1 hour 15 minutes to finish the test. Undergraduate students answer only questions 1, …, 6 (for a total of 85 points) and 8 if you want to. Question 8 is open for everyone. 1. 25 points Design a database for a university database. You have to represent students, faculty and course. Students have name, SSN, phone, address, and they are taking courses. A student may take several course, up to 18 credit hours a semester. A faculty has name, SSN, phone, office, department. Faculty teaches courses, up to 4 courses per semester. Each course is identified by the name of the department that offers the course (courses may be cross-listed), number, credit hours, and faculty, who teaches the course. Each course may have several sessions. (10) You need to build an E-R model to represent entity sets and their relationship sets of the university database, including mapping cardinalities.
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