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Name: TEST 1 CSCE 201 – Fall 2007 October 29, 2007 Study Guide The test is closed book and 50 minutes: Study materials: 1. Lecture Notes a. You can access all PowerPoint slides on the class’ web site. Ask your classmates for in-class notes for any dates you’ve missed (I often use the white board to support the lecture notes.) b. Last lecture to be covered: 10/03/2010 – No network security c. Make sure you understand the content of the lecture presentations. d. Recommended readings are recommended only, they will NOT be covered in the test 2. Text book reading a. For each class read the required chapters b. Use partially covered chapters to clarify lecture slides – you are NOT responsible for the technical details c. Aim to UNDERSTAND the security concepts and the available technologies
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Unformatted text preview: d. Easttom: Computer Security: chapters 1, 5 e. Ciampa: Security Awareness : Chapter 1 and 2 3. Other readings a. Required : NIST readings on Identification and Authentication and Access Control b. Most of the additional reading materials are for your amusement unless specified otherwise c. EXCEPTION : Homework reading materials needed to perform lab exercises. I will not ask you questions that require memorizing Windows XP set up procedures, but will expect you to understand the capabilities and functionalities. For example, I will NOT ask you to write down the steps of creating a new user account but I MAY ASK you to explain the capabilities of creating user accounts and assigning different privileges to different accounts, etc. 1...
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