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Chetna Mehra CRJU E311 Dr. Abercrombie March 31, 2011 Discussion Question #4 Police subculture is an extremely complex phenomenon; its meaning has changed over the years and has been altered during the last few decades. The original concept was brought up by William Westley. When he did an interview at a police department in Gary, Indiana he mentioned a sensitive subject, which caused the officers to abruptly stop talking (154). After he complained to the sergeant that the interview would make or break his career, the sergeant “gave the officers hell” for not cooperating with William, immediately afterward they were extremely cooperative (154). This example illustrates two aspects of the police subculture: on one hand, there’s an attitude of secrecy towards outsiders studying their particular department, and on the other hand, there’s a genuine eagerness to help someone having difficulty with their assignment. Based on this interview Westley concluded that a distinct subculture exists among police officers, emphasizing secrecy, solidarity, and violence (154). Furthermore, Westley argues that one of the main sources of police subculture is selective contact with the public (154). The phrase “selective contact” means that officers rarely meet average citizens but instead they meet people with problems who usually resent the police’s presence. In addition, out of a survey, 73% of officers felt that
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citizens were hostile to the police. Hostility to the public encourages a strong sense of
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crju - Chetna Mehra CRJU E311 Dr. Abercrombie March 31,...

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