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Molarity Problem Assignment (consult syllabus for due date) Do not use Molarity Handout from web manual To work in a laboratory it is necessary to prepare solutions and reagents used in protocols and procedures. These are examples of problems you could encounter and should be able to solve. Work the following problems (read carefully). If less than 100% are correct, the assignment will be returned to you for you to correct mistakes. You may use a separate sheet for calculations. Show your work. 1. The molecular weight of anhydrous calcium chloride is 110.99. How many grams do you need for 100 ml of 5 mM calcium chloride? 2. Hydrogen peroxide is supplied in a 30% solution. If your protocol calls for using a 0.1% solution, how would you make 100 ml? 3. Given a stock solution of 10 mM, how many milliliters would you add to water to have a final concentration of 5 μ M in a final volume of 2 ml? 4.
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