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history 108 paper - Aaron Miller Hist 108 Dr November...

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Aaron Miller 11/21/11 Hist 108 Dr. November Darwinism: True or False Science creates marvels throughout the minds of man with inventors such as Da Vinci, theorists such as Newton, and observers such as Galileo. However one scientist, in the field of biology found a trending theory, and one that could alter people’s perception of nature, humanity, and even religion. The theory of Darwinism, synthesized by Charles Darwin on the Galapagos Islands, recreates a human’s perception of nature with two key concepts that are inversely related. Natural selection being the first, is the widely accepted theory, nature will challenge all organisms, eliminating the least fit at a higher rate and thus improving the current population of a given species in the relative environment. Then through natural selection, and genetics, animals that are still alive under the conditions of their environment can reproduce. This rate of reproduction is higher amongst the more successful members of a given species, and therefore that member displaces more of his dominant genetics amongst the population. Once more successful inhabitants are produced, the members of this population within a given species will dominate, thereby eventually eliminating the inefficient trait over time. Yet, what evidence supports the following conclusion? Charles Darwin proves correct, evolution, and natural selection by means of competition within a species, similarity of diverse phyla, and isolation of species. Competition in the kingdom, animalia, is fostered by the necessities of the organism. Animals need three things, reproduction, food, and water, in most cases. Charles Darwin, states,
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“With Animals having separate sexes, in most cases be a struggle between males fore possession of females (Origin of Species).” This statement proves the competition for sex within Darwinism. Through male competition, the stronger, more-fit individuals will produce more offspring due to possession of more females (Sexual Competition Drives Evolution Of A Sex- related Gene). This is portrayed in the pack of a lion. The Alpha-Male is the male that has physically fought his way to the top. The alpha male is the breeder of the pack. The other lions, which are less proficient, cannot breed with the females the alpha male possesses. Yet, this
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history 108 paper - Aaron Miller Hist 108 Dr November...

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