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Aaron Miller essay 2 - Aaron Miller Dr. November Hist 108...

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Aaron Miller Dr . November Hist 108 9/12/2011 Aristotle’s Computer If Aristotle were to encounter a laptop , it would be as amazing a discovery as any for the philosopher . Presented with this great technology, it is safe to say that Aristotle would be quite impressed , and many questions would arise as to the nature of the object. A computer can access endless information , play music and videos, and create user interfaces, upon which thoughts or data can be recorded . To the average person of the time, a laptop would be some godly object, with superhuman powers . However to a great thinker such as Aristotle, more could be understood about the computer’s existence . To Aristotle, a laptop computer would not be something which is living , but its classification would not be amongst that of general inanimate objects , because of its truly amazing capabilities. In book one of On the Soul , Aristotle concludes based on the opinions of his predecessors that to determine the nature of something , its operations must first be understood. Thus, if Aristotle were to be questioned with whether the laptop was living he would first have to understand how the laptop works . The computer is designed to sequentially carry out a sequence of arithmetic operations , through user commands. Normally a computer consists of a memory device for data storage
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Aaron Miller essay 2 - Aaron Miller Dr. November Hist 108...

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