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Introduction to Computer Graphics Assignment 1: Ray Casting Due Wednesday September 17, 2003 at 11:59pm In this assignment, you will implement a basic ray caster. This will be the basis of all the following assignments, so proper code design is quite important. As seen in class, a ray caster sends a ray for each pixel and intersects it with all the objects in the scene. You will implement a ray caster for an orthographic camera (parallel rays) for sphere primitives. You will use a very basic shading model: the objects have a constant color. As an alternative, you will also display the distance t of each pixel to the camera. You will use object-oriented design to make your ray-caster flexible and extendable. A generic Object3D class will serve as the parent class for all 3D primitives. You will derive subclasses, such as Sphere , to implement specialized primitives. In later assignments, you will extend the set of primitives with planes and polygons. Similarly, this assignment requires the implementation of a general Camera class and an OrthographicCamera subclass. In the next assignment, you will also derive a general perspective camera. We provide you with a Ray class and a Hit class to manipulate camera rays and their intersection points. 1 Tasks Write a pure virtual Object3D class (see speciFcations below). Derive Sphere , a subclass of Object3D , and implement the intersection of a sphere with a ray. Derive Group , also a subclass of Object3D , that stores an array of pointers to Object3D instances. Write the intersection routine. Write a pure virtual Camera class and subclass OrthographicCamera . Write the corresponding ray generation method for the subclass. Use the input Fle parsing code provided to load the camera, background color and objects of the scene. 1
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assignment_1 - 6.837 Introduction to Computer Graphics...

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