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grammar_1 - := group | sphere sphere:= Sphere center Vec3f...

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6.837 Intro to Computer Graphics, Fall 2003 Assignment 1: Ray Casting Scene description file grammar file ::= camera background group camera ::= orthographicCamera orthographicCamera ::= OrthographicCamera { center Vec3f direction Vec3f up Vec3f size float } background ::= Background { color Vec3f } group ::= Group { num_objects int ( object3D | material object3D ) ^ num_objects } object3D
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Unformatted text preview: ::= group | sphere sphere ::= Sphere { center Vec3f radius float } material ::= Material { diffuse_color Vec3f } Vec3f ::= float float float How to read a grammar: Start with the top level rule, in this case file . To expand a rule, substitute the appropriate definitions for each of the elements in bold. Some special notation: | means "OR" ^ n means "exactly n elements"...
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