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Unformatted text preview: CWR 4202 – Hydraulics Fall 2011 Name____________________ Homework # 04 (Due Thursday, October 19th, Beginning of Class) 1. A new pipe must be installed to replace an old existing one. The new pipe will be 35 meter long and have be the same diameter as the old pipe or 200 mm. The new pipe is cast iron and has a roughness of 0.00024 meters. The old pipe had a sand roughness of 0.005 meters. The allowable headloss over the length of the pipe is 0.75 meters. Perform the following tasks: a. Determine the discharge capacity of the new pipe b. Show proof of that the correct flow range was used for the new pipe calculations c. What is the discharge in the old pipe d. What are the characteristic P values of the old and new pipe 2. Using the information provided in problem (1), install a gate valve in the new pipe. Assume the local loss coefficient for the gate valve is 0.15 and perform the following task: a. Calculate the ‘Characteristic P’ value for the pipe and determine the discharge capacity of the pipe...
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