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Last Name (Surname): ____________________ First Name: _________________ Student Number: ________________________ Winter 2010 School of Administrative Studies, York University ADMS 2510B-Introduction to Management Accounting Final Exam: Part ONE - TOPIC A ADMS 2510 April 18, 2010 7:00pm to 8:10pm Indicate Section o 2510M – Monday; 4 - 7pm; Dorothy Timmermans HNE 038 o 2510N - Wednesday; 7 - 10pm; Alison Beavis HNE 038 o 2510O - Thursday; 7 - 10pm; Joe Nemi SLH A o 2510P - Monday; 7 - 10pm; Joe Nemi RS 137 o 2510Q - Internet; Marcela Porporato o 2510R - Friday; 11:30 – 2:30pm; Dorothy Timmermans CLH G o 2510S - Tuesday; 7 - 10pm; Jamie Aldcorn TEL 0016 o 2510T - Thursday; 7 - 10pm; Carol Riggs CLH B o Deferred from earlier term Sign-in Number (to be filled when you sign in only): _______________ Student’s signature: agreement with the 11 instructions below:______________________ 01. This is a closed book examination and no collaboration is allowed. 02. Only NON-PROGRAMMABLE calculators are allowed 03. Write your name and student number in the designated area and indicate your section letter. 04. Place photo identification on your desk at the beginning of the exam to facilitate verification. 05. You must sign in. 06. Formula sheets and dictionaries are not allowed. 07. Cell phones must be turned off. 08. In the event of a fire alarm, you are to leave your exam paper(s) face down on your desk and immediately proceed outside with coats and all personal belongings. Print your surname on the back of the exam so you know which seat to return to. An invigilator will lead the group outside to a place of safety. There is to be no talking during the evacuation or outside. Most rooms are cleared within 30 minutes of the alarm. You will be told after this time whether to reenter the room and recommence the exam or to go home. 09. It is always a good idea to attempt the questions you deem easiest first as an interrupted exam may just mark your score based on questions attempted. 10. You are reminded that cheating is a serious offense which can result in expulsion from university. 11. When time is called by 10pm you must remain seated and the invigilators will collect the exam papers. They will not wait and they will not accept your paper once they have passed. Any violation of this protocol will result in a grade of zero recorded for the exam. Question 1 (25 marks): ________ Question 2 (20 marks): ________ Total: ======== / 45 Good Luck . 1
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NOTICE TO AP/ADMS 2510 STUDENTS AP/ADMS 2510 FINAL EXAMINATION PAPER 1. The purpose of the following previous final examination resource material is to provide you the student with an opportunity for your independent review and study preparation for some of the course concepts. The resource material is also to provide you with some general indication of the format only”, rather than the actual content of the course comprehensive final examination paper. 2.
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W2010_04_18 - Last Name(Surname First Name Student Number...

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