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Exam 2 World History Ch 4 - WorldHistory 23:32 LECTURE2:...

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Exam 2 World History Ch 4-6 Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. Greek geography a. helped to produce a civilization that was composed of cooperative and peaceful communities. b. contained mountainous areas that impeded Greek unity. c. prohibited a relationship with the sea that produced colonization. d. encouraged industrialization e. discouraged emigration. ____ 2. During the Greek Dark Age, a. many Greeks left the mainland for Ionia and Aegean islands. b. massive famines killed two-thirds of the Greek population. c. the Persians settled in Macedon. d. the Romans infiltrated the Peloponnesus. e. Minoan Crete took over the Greek mainland. ____ 3. Which of the following statements is not an accurate characterization of the Greek polis ? a. It was composed of a central town or city, and the countryside surrounding it. b. It was a communal environment of individuals, some who were citizens with rights, others who were citizens without rights, and others who were not citizens. c. It played a significant role in unifying all Greeks throughout the entire region under a single government. d. It developed simultaneously with the creation of the new system of Greek military organization. e. It could vary in size from a few square miles to hundreds of square miles. ____ 4. All of the following are correct about warfare in ancient Greece except a. the use of light infantry in battle because of greater mobility. b. the use of excellent weapons and armor. c. the employment of citizen-soldiers in battle. d. a willingness to engage the enemy head-on, thus deciding a battle quickly. e. the use of heavy infantry. ____ 5. Spartan society a. secluded women and forbade them to appear in public. b. was the first ancient society to attempt to save all premature and crippled infants. c. adopted democracy a century earlier than in Athens. d. was organized as a military state. e. passed the Lycurgan reforms, which made all women voters. ____ 6. All of the following were true about the Spartan assembly except that a. it was composed of all male citizens of Sparta. b. it was elected by the gerousia and the military commanders. c. it dealt only with the issues that the council of elders wanted it to deal with.
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d. its role was a limited one, since it could not discuss issues, but merely vote on them. e. it was reserved for males. ____ 7. Foreign influences on early Greek culture included all of the following except a. the adoption of new gods and goddesses. b. the importance of Middle Eastern monotheism. c. the importance of new myths. d. artistic examples from Egypt in sculpture. e. foreign motifs were employed in Greek pottery. ____ 8.
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Exam 2 World History Ch 4 - WorldHistory 23:32 LECTURE2:...

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