SFWR ENG 4AA4 Assignment 4 Solution

SFWR ENG 4AA4 Assignment 4 Solution - Assignment 4...

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Unformatted text preview: Assignment 4 , Mechtron/Sfwr Eng 4aa4 Sample Solution 1) Explain the differences between RM, DM, EDF scheduling. Which of these follow a dynamic priority policy?[3] Ans: All are priority based algorithms. In RM priority of a task is fixed based on its period and it remains fixed during the life time of the system, whereas in DM the priority is fixed based on the deadline of a task. A task that has the shortest period/relative deadline has the highest priority. In EDF priorities are calculated based on absolute deadlines of different tasks at a given time. The task that has the earliest absolute deadline gets the highest priority. EDF is a dynamic priority algorithm in which priorites of tasks keep on changing dynamically. 2) Consider the following 5 independent tasks with the specified periods: A(30, 5), B (4, 1), C (10, 2), D (8, 1), E (20, 1) a) Confirm that the task set is EDF schedulable.[2] As the periods of the tasks are equal to their deadlines, to be EDF schedulable: n ei ≤1 U= p i=1 i 5 1 2 1 1 ++ ++ = 0.79166 ≤ 1 30 4 10 8 20 Therefore the task set is EDF schedulable. U= b) Draw a graph showing how an EDF (Earliest Deadline First) policy would attempt to schedule the tasks for t = 0 to 40. [5] 1 Figure 1: 2 3) Consider an overloaded system consisting of the following task set: T1 (2, 1), T2 (5, 3) a) Graphically show a schedule based on RM algorithm and another based on EDF algorithm for 15 time units.[4 + 4] b) Comparing the two schedules, what can be concluded about predictability of the two algorithms? [2] Figure 2: EDF and RM schedules Comparing the two schedules it is obvious that RM is more pridictable as the same lower priority task misses the dealines. 3 ...
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SFWR ENG 4AA4 Assignment 4 Solution - Assignment 4...

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