Morphology 5 - Today Morphology V Finish up compounding...

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1 Morphology V November 7, 2011 Today… Finish up compounding Inflection Recap Derivation is the process whereby we create new words from existing morphemes (basically) Adding a derivational affix will change the meaning of a base and/or the lexical category of the base. We can also create compound words by adding two roots together. Types of compounds Endocentric A compound whose head (the rightmost constituent in English) identifies the general class to which the meaning of the entire word belongs A bluebird is a type of bird; a blackboard is a type of board Types of compounds Exocentric A compound whose meaning does not follow the meaning of its parts A redhead is not a kind of head; it is a person with red hair. other examples: deadline, black widow, windfall Endocentric vs. Exocentric Plurals Endocentric Exocentric wisdom teeth saber tooths club feet bigfoots oak leaves Maple Leafs Endocentric compounds use the irregular plural (i.e., normal for the second constituent) Exocentric compounds use the regular plural where you would expect the irregular
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2 How far does compounding go? In English, many compounds are written without spaces ( bluebird )… … but many are not (coffee cup; movie theatre; government employee; government employee parking lot…) We can get some very long compounds government employee parking lot ticket taker (=parking attendant) Questions? Inflection Affixes that are not derivational Movies with Jimmy Stewart warm my heart The Shop Around the Corner is a movie that warmed hearts in the 1940s It’s a Wonderful Life warms my mother’s heart every Christmas Saw V is not warming hearts Inflection Affixes that add grammaticalized information are called inflectional Grammatical info that inflection can add:
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Morphology 5 - Today Morphology V Finish up compounding...

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