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Semantics IV Sept. 16, 2011 Today… Componential Analysis The Conceptual System Recap! We talked about… Connotation (what a word evokes) & Denotation (what a word refers to) Extension vs. intension extensions: = denotation intensions: = ‘true inherent meanings’ Example: Canadian Prime Minister extension (today) = Stephen Harper intension = leader of the Canadian government Extension vs. Intension Intensions still don’t exactly correspond to meaning How are intensions useful? They can correspond to mental images So it’s okay that unicorns and dragons don’t exist we can still have mental representations of them Intension Intension is not perfect: How can we have a single mental image of dog that captures all the differences between breeds (size, colour, disposition, shape…)?
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Intension What kind of “image” can you have that includes both corgis and German shepherds? How can it also exclude wolves? Pictures from Mental Images Given their limitations, should we care about “mental images”? Short answer: yes Mental Images: Experiment Show a person a picture of a nail Ask them if the word (nail) occurs in a sentence like The nail was hammered into the wall If nail in the picture is horizontal (i.e., in the position it would be in if hammered into a wall), then the person will answer more quickly than if they saw a vertical nail Suggests that people construct and use images when hearing sentences Some practice… What is the extension of each of these words? The intension? Cow
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Semantics 4 - Today Semantics IV Extension Intension(cont...

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