syntax 1 - Welcome to Syntax! Syntax I Weve talked about...

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1 Syntax I November 18, 2011 Welcome to Syntax! We’ve talked about meaning; sounds; sound patterns; and words… Syntax is where we put words together Intro to Syntax Syntax: the structure of sentences. How words are arranged and structured to encode meaning beyond the level of the word… In other words, structure that encodes who did what to who(m) Intro to Syntax Mental Lexicon John gave the book to Mary. John gave Mary the book. Mary to book John the gave John Mary book to the give So…. Syntax is a set of rules that stipulate how free standing elements in the lexicon are arrange and structured Syntactic categories A class of words which share morphological and syntactic properties The classification is based on: the type of meaning that a word expresses the type of affixes it takes the type of structure in which it occurs Word-Level Categories Lexical categories Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Prepositions Functional categories Determiners, degree words (e.g., quite), conjunctions, auxiliary verbs (e.g., can, may, should; must always occur with another verb)
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2 Nouns (N) person, place, thing Entities: man, child, friend Objects: table, tree, pen Eventualities: Events/actions: destruction, meeting State: Sickness, intelligence Can usually be inflected for number &
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syntax 1 - Welcome to Syntax! Syntax I Weve talked about...

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