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Management 15 - CHAPTER 15 Katelyn Quinn Leadership: an...

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CHAPTER 15 Katelyn Quinn Leadership: an influence relationship between leaders and followers who strive for real change and outcomes that reflect their shared purposes Bases of Leadership Influence: Coercion Formal position Reward Expertise Charisma Personal Characteristics of Effective Leaders: Personal Characteristics: the relatively stable attributes that make each person unique, including their physical, social, and psychological traits Emotional Intelligence: a set of abilities that enable individuals to recognize and under- stand their own and other’s feelings and emotions and to use these insights to guide their own thinking and actions Self-awareness: ability to recognize and understand your moods, emotions, and drives, as well as their impact on others Self-control: ability to regulate and redirect one’s own im- pulses, moods, and desires Social awareness: ability to understand the emotional makeup of other people, and the skill to treat people accord- ing to their emotional reactions Social skill: ability to build interpersonal networks, manage relationships, find common ground, and build rapport Leadership Behaviors: Behavioral models of leadership: focus on describing differences in the actions of effective and ineffective leaders Assumes most people learn to be effective Theory X: a composite of propositions and underlying beliefs that take a com- mand-and-control view of management based on a negative view of human nature
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Management 15 - CHAPTER 15 Katelyn Quinn Leadership: an...

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