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managment 13 - CHAPTER 13 KATELYN QUINN Human Resource...

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CHAPTER 13 KATELYN QUINN Human Resource Management (HRM) : the philosophies, policies, and practices that an organization uses to affect the behaviors of people who work for the organization -strategic use of HRM activities can improve organizational effectiveness Planning activity: Line Managers: include HR professionals in the formulation and implementation of business strategy and discussion of its HR implications. HR Professionals: stay informed of the latest technical principles for managing human resources Employees: accept responsibility for managing their own behavior and careers in organizations. Recruitment and Selection Activity: Line Managers: help disseminate information about open positions to all potentially qualified intern- al applicants understand and abide by all legal regulations Interview applicants May administer some selection tests May make final selection decision HR Professionals: Develop a recruiting plan to guarantee a diverse pool of applicants Provide training to line managers and employees involved in recruitment and se- lection Develop and administer a selection procedure Employees: Participate in recruiting by making referrals and answering questions about the or- ganization May participate in selection process by interviewing job applicants Training and Development Activity: Line Managers: Work with employees to identify their training and development needs Provide on-the-job socialization and training. HR Professionals: Develop and administer training and development programs Inform employees of opportunities for training and development Employees: Identify own training and development needs Actively seek out and participate in activities that help build own competencies Assist in socialization and training of other employees
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CHAPTER 13 KATELYN QUINN Performance Appraisal Activity Line Managers: Help develop performance measures Conduct performance appraisals Use performance information to make decisions about pay, raises, promotions, fir- ing etc. HR Professionals Develop performance appraisal tools and train managers to use them Train managers in how to conduct performance review sessions Monitor manger’s decisions to be sure they are performance-based Employees: Candidly appraise the performance of others when asked to participate in 360-de-
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managment 13 - CHAPTER 13 KATELYN QUINN Human Resource...

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