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Mangement Chapt. 11

Mangement Chapt. 11 - CHAPTER 11 Katelyn Quinn Fundamentals...

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CHAPTER 11 Katelyn Quinn Fundamentals of Organizing: Organization chart: a diagram that illustrates the reporting lines between units and people within the organization. -Conveys four kinds of information: Boxes represent different units Titles in each box show the work performed by that person Reporting relationships are shown by the lines con- necting superiors and subordinates Levels of the organization are indicated by the num- ber of vertical layers in the chart Differentiation: organization is composed of units that work on specialized tasks using different work methods and requiring employees with unique compet- encies -Division of Labor: work of the organization is divided into smaller tasks -Specialization: process of identifying particular tasks and assigning them to de- partments, teams, or divisions. Integration: various units coordinate their work to achieve common goals Vertical Design: -Hierarchy: a pyramid showing relationships among levels -Span of control: the number of employees directly reporting to a person 1. competence of both the manager and the employee 2. similarity of dissimilarity of tasks being supervised 3. incidence of new problems in the manager’s department 4. extent of clear operating standards and rules. -Authority: right to make a decision -Responsibility: an employee’s duty to perform the assigned task -Accountability: manager’s expectation that the employee will accept credit or blame for his/her work -Delegation: the process of giving authority to a person (or group or team) to make decisions and act in certain situations -Barriers to Delegation: failure to define authority and responsibility clearly, managers fear
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