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Unformatted text preview: Problem Statement Case number one transmits a big lack of effective communication of goals and perspectives among the leaders of the company. An equal important problem is the controlling personality from Cardullo, President of MLI, Inc. Analysis Turner portrays an analytical personality as a manager. There are many people involved in his premature leadership in the company. Turner is aware that his authority needs to be awarded in a gradual process. Turner would probably have had more chance to gain more trust from leaders if they saw a constant growth in his area of work. Results are usually more effective than words. The magnitude of the problem was increased when President Cardullo ignored the increasing results achieved in a short period of time. He obviously did not trust Turner completely. Cardullo did not apply the proper changes suggested by Turner. Cardullo was not humble enough to accept his faults in the decisions made, and that affected his rapport with Turner, which eventually led to...
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