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assignment 11 - • Take advantage of any training program...

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Assignment 11: Summary An image consistent with the person you want to be is essential to develop trust and rapport with others. Image is definitely a key element of communication. An inappropriate image can create noise in the communication process. Generally, people react in a fairly predictable manner according to what they see. Four critical areas for a good image are the first impression you project, the depth of your knowledge, the breadth of your knowledge, and enthusiasm. First impressions influences the way people perceive you. To transmit a better first impression you can work on: Handshaking briefly and firmly with a good eye contact Dressing and grooming in a conservative manner Learning how to combine your clothing properly Sitting and walking straight and relaxed Taking good care of personal hygiene and grooming In order to increase the depth of your knowledge you can: Make efforts to learn about your company
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Unformatted text preview: • Take advantage of any training program • Get to know your products and personnel • Study the current situation and trends within your industry Similarly, in order to increase the breadth of your knowledge you can: • Read local newspapers • Read one of the newest magazines weekly • Read four books a year outside your normal area of interest • Ask questions in topics you do not know Most people like to work with others who are enthusiastic. Try to spread enthusiasm specially: • Around yourself • Around your colleagues • Around your company The response you receive from the world around you is a measure of your success in interpersonal relations. Every word, gesture, expression, and impression will be seen and evaluated consciously or subconsciously by others. Image will help you facilitate and foster open, honest, trusting communications....
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