Assignment 13 - fair concept of trading and some insights...

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To: Professor Taylor From: Emigdio G. Niquet Date: July 11, 2011 Subject: ANALYTICAL REPORT PROPOSAL My plan after graduating is to open my own dealership. Thus, I concluded that some research now will help me in the future. Purpose Statement After graduation, having enough resources to start a business is unlikely for most common people. The purpose of this report will be to gather enough data that could help people with limited resources get started in the car industry. The next questions will be considered: 1) What are some advantages and disadvantages to buy and sell used cars? 2) What are some risks to consider in acquiring used cars? 3) How can I minimize those risks? Proposed Outline Introduction Risks Statistics Conclusion Recommendations Title “Selling Cars in Utah” Reasons for Topic Selection My immediate family has been involved in business for many years. Therefore, I grew up with a
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Unformatted text preview: fair concept of trading and some insights that I always wanted to try out. I remember calculating some time value of money in my room when I was a young kid. In later years, I decided to develop some skills to do business at a higher level, with the goal of owning my own business. I could spend years analyzing the car industry. However, in this report, I will focus on a research that can help me in my current situation to start a car business. Research Methods My secondary research will be based on web sites, I will look for places, prices, statistics, and methods to buy and sell cars; I am especially interested in car auctions. My primary research will be a visit to an actual dealership company. Prof. Whitney Taylor Page 2 July 11,2011...
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Assignment 13 - fair concept of trading and some insights...

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