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Carta comovente pro Daniel

Carta comovente pro Daniel - sponsor is a brother from...

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S. Leavitt, I wonder if you feel very charitable today. I have a situation here with Daniel, a Brazilian friend. He has been here for five months and came to study. He came with a tourist visa and intended to change it for a student one. The embassy required an American sponsor in order to change it. His family is paying for most of his education and he will pay another part. A good friend was helping him with the process. She is a resident American, but since she is Brazilian they did not considered her a solid option (pure discrimination!). The deadline is on August 14 th , so, he must have everything ready by Friday. After all the diligent effort I have seen from him, I wanted to help somehow. You are of course the best option I could think of because of your enthusiasm in helping others. If you ask me what you would need to do, I would not know many details. As an international student, I needed to go through some paperwork, and then my mother helped me with some money. The first year was especially difficult, but it got better after a lot of effort. My
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Unformatted text preview: sponsor is a brother from Burley who loves Hispanics. I did not need money from him, but he was willing to help me with the paperwork, and that covered the legal requirements. Seems like all the doors opened for me with no major obstacles. I am eternally grateful with him for this simple action. I feel it changed my future, and I want the same for Daniel. I see him as my Brazilian little lost brother. He is not even in school right now, but his English is amazing, and he has the desire to work and study hard to fulfill his dreams. If you want to help him I will do the necessary arrangements to make it happen. We can talk for Skype so that you have a chance to get to know him better. I know it is a very short notice, but I would not ask this favor if I did not considered it important. I think we can change another life. (Still planning our scape to ID! We are planning on going in a couple weeks)...
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