Draft paper 330 - Reading Head: Chinas Economic Influence...

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Reading Head: China’s Economic Influence China’s Economic Influence. Is China’s Manufacturing Dominance a Threat to the US Economy? Utah Valley University Management 330 G Professor Eugene Seeley Emigdio Niquet
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Research Paper- China’s economic Influence The United States of America have been at the top of the manufacturing economy for over a century. Its leading position is a result of the hard work and great organization of people in diverse sectors. America has produced more goods than any other nation in the world. Its records surpassed the levels of production and U.S.A. economy has become one of the strongest in the first world. However, there is another giant emerging from the old world. A question that arises from this situation: Is China’s manufacturing dominance a threat to the US economy? China has manufactured high levels of goods in history. But now it is surpassing all expectations. The Chinese government is haven a boom in exports and imports in the last decade. Thus, China is becoming or has become the new leader in production. The influx of foreign industry has increased numbers in several market sections. From 2000 until now, the manufacturing sector has grown at about 30 percent per year. It is clear now that China has surpassed the United States as the leading manufacturer, and it continues growing massively. China has expanded its markets abroad and currently trades with most countries throughout the world. Currently, China has a huge potential market on electric vehicles. China limits itself in importing much crude oil in order to preserve the environment from pollution cause from auto emissions. This limitation gives China a great amount of savings that could be invested in the electrical industry. The government has created an economic plan called “new energy.” Motor vehicles are the main focus in this plan. Statistics show an increase in investments of billions of dollars in the car industry, which will make China a world car trader. GM knows this and has been a recent influence in China’s economy. GM has taken advantage of cheaper production
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Draft paper 330 - Reading Head: Chinas Economic Influence...

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