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Journal 2 - Emigdio G Niquet Managment 495G Journal 1 and 2...

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Emigdio G. Niquet Managment 495G December 12, 2010 Journal 1 and 2 Ronald Howkins Sept. 8, 2011 He gave a lesson with the analogy of Gettysburg in leadership. Ronald Hawkins quoted John Quincy Adams by saying “If your actions inspire others to do more, learn more, and become more, you are a leader.” Lisa Bearnson Sept. 15, 2011 Lisa Bearnson really expressed an awesome entrepreneur attitude. Creating large companies from your own passions and dreams is really my field of interest. I love creating things. They both gave realistic expectations of the challenges and rewards of being an entrepreneur. Often times I have thought that I only need to have a small idea and make it a huge company. Mrs. Bearson’s example taught me that I need not to fear any hard work for any idea. In other words, I not to avoid any kind of underestimate in order Martin Frey Sept. 22, 2011 Martin Frey established “Life is a daring adventure or nothing.” I related that thought with Harvard education, which consists in creation of new things. The main focus in this prestigious school is to create jobs while people look for them. As a creative man, I foresee that my greatest adventure will be in my field, maybe the highest summit is still inside my mind.
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  • John Quincy Adams, Quincy, Massachusetts, Ronald Hawkins, Lisa Bearnson, Ronald Howkins Sept., Emigdio G. Niquet

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