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Our dearest Elder Robinson, It’s a pleasure to hear that you are doing OK. I saw Kaela this morning at the MTC, and that reminded me that I needed to catch up with my good Coltonian friend, especially after some recent events. I am opening a shop; I recently found out that I was born to do bodywork on cars. The decision started after getting involved in a car wreck; this girl was late for work and hit two cars including mine. Her insurance company paid a lot of money for the fix, so I decided to buy material to repair it myself. I did it pretty well, so I decided to paint my roomies’ cars. I did them pretty well as well, so I decided to buy an old, very-close-to-the-end-of-its-useful-life car to practice on it. After doing so, I got another car. I was looking for a space to rent to start the business, and I met a couple people with good insights for me. One of them is a dealer that offered me a job there. I am taking a class during fall about that. Therefore, I am getting started.
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