Letters from Colton - ----- Original Message -----...

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Unformatted text preview: ----- Original Message ----- From:Colton RobinsonTo:[email protected]:Wednesday, September 01, 2010 12:27 PMSubject:Lucky #7Allright So this week was pretty much the sickest week here at the MTC, It was a blast and went by way to fast, We had president hinkleys oldest som come and talk to us for the tuesday divo and It was a great talk. Everything is going well here and I keep running into all kinds of people here from my past lives in heber and highland. I saw Jordan Welch the other day. It was sweet to see her again and catch up on some stuff. What's also crazy to is that she is also going to San Antonio spanish speaking. So we might run into eachother out in the field. Today as I write this letter may be the sickest day I have had here at the MTC. We are in the laundry room and elder kelpi manages to get his hands on a Uke. Apperant ly just about everybody at the MTC can play the Uke and so we have been sittin here jammin to just about every kind of music you can think of to play on a Uke for the past couple hours. The sweetest thing though was elder kelpei started playin some chords and layed down a beat box to it, it sounded so sick it nearly blew my mind. and then all of a sudden , elder curtis, a tat wearin, mulato from cali, with an incredable voice startes to freestyle to it. Pretty much the entire laundry room stopped in their tracks and went silent to listen to it. and then elder kelepi starte playin for elder curtis so he (elder curtis) could sing some of the songs that he wrote himself. My mind has been blown. The musical talent in this room not just of elder kelepi and elder curtic, but of what seems like every other person that walks past is incredable. I have officially added the Uke to the list of things that I need to learn as soon as I get back. and I need to learn to sing to. Im starting to find it slightly rediculous that a person who loves music so much can't make it.So mom I got your letter that you are going back to school to be a teacher, That's sweet! Did you just figure that you have done so much involving school and homework that you may as well get paid for it? And Grandma, thanks for the letters, It's allways good to hear from you and to get news about the family, And highschool football updates too. Bummer about AF and Cyprus....
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Letters from Colton - ----- Original Message -----...

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