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Marketing Research Proposal Vava’s Inc. can become a big company in a difficult market. Therefore, a careful investigation and an effective analysis of data are needed to allow the company to find ways to improve its services. The products they offer have enough potential to endure a national crisis, a crash in the market, or higher market competition if the right strategies are done in order. Vava’s Inc. focuses efforts on small customers that big industries would not be interested on. However, they need a backup plan in case of an unexpected external change. The following survey will help the company to become more familiar with customers’ expectations.
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Sample Survey Customers’ Expectations Survey Approximately, how many family events do you have in a year? Have you or anyone in your family hired video editors for family events? What would you look for in a customized family video? Do you like the idea of adding special effect to family events? If yes, what style would you choose for effects (i.e. action, suspense, terror, etc.)? What would be the type of music you would choose on those videos? What would make you want to return to Vava’s Inc. (editing company)? VAVA’S INC. Position Strategy Vava’s Inc. will do well in using a product differentiation. As an innovative company, the expectations are different from each customer. In order to position the brand image at a high
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Marketing Plan 2 - Marketing Research Proposal Vavas Inc...

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