MGMT 3000 - Case 1 - Problem Statement Modern Lighting...

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Problem Statement Modern Lighting Industries, Inc. (MLI) is struggling financially because the key players in the organization see things in different ways to accomplish the company’s goal. The president tends to micromanage every decision, leaving the VP of marketing frustrated on how to do his job. Analysis The problem seems to be that Pat Cardullo’s personality is to micromanage every situation. He does not seem to take anyone else’s opinion in consideration. When the President of Triple S told Cardullo specifically to spend all his time in Chicago, he still spent half of his week in Chicago and the other half in San Diego. The problem with this behavior is that no one else can make any decision unless Cardullo is there to approve it. The result is that both divisions suffer—MLI and Mobile System/Support. Turner gave him two alternatives to the same problem—stay in Chicago the whole time or in San Diego the whole time, but Cardullo’s need to check and supervise is an obsession. He believes that if he is not there personally, things would fall apart. Besides his personality, Cardullo must be under a lot of stress. He was the only one in upper management who thought the acquisition of MLI would be a good idea to add to Triple S’ business portfolio. Naturally he wants to impress the CEO and the other members of upper management who didn’t think this was a good idea. As the months go by with no positive results, he becomes more and more unpredictable. His mood is affecting his attitude and emotions. The book defines emotion as “intense feelings directed at someone or something” . Cardullo’s frustration is clearly seen by the way he interacts with his subordinates; more specifically, with those subordinates who don’t agree with his views and opinions. Part of his behavior could also be attributed on the fact that he
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MGMT 3000 - Case 1 - Problem Statement Modern Lighting...

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