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Journal I have received several insights from the speakers that will help my future in several ways. At the beginning of the semester I had high expectations that are being fulfilled by the people and I think this is a great time for me to be able to apply the teachings that I have and will receive. Lisa Bearson was an example for me. I consider myself very feminist and I love when I see women having a yearning for life and success. The moral that I could get from the speaker is that we need to have a vision, believe in it not matter what the opposition may be, and do it. Peer pressure is probably one of the most dangerous obstacles in our lives. But there are many cases in which we should just do our thing and ignore negative comments. Mrs. Benson taught me that we need to organize our priorities and work on them at a higher level.
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Unformatted text preview: Martin Frey has been one of my favorites as well. I enjoyed specially one of his quotes: "A ship in the harbor is safe, but it is made to be tossed by the sea." That is the main Hollywood idea and it is applicable to normal people wanting to do great things. Many times I wonder how to apply this principle to my life and leave the harbor for a greater and perhaps more enjoyable journey. Definitely my favorite talk so far has been the one referred to climbing the Everest. I learned that I need to find my Everest to climb. I can think of a few. Finishing school is definitely one, but I need to be prepared for another more challenging one. Craig Rollins has done a wonderful job as well. Foulger showed a special emphasis in Business and Accounting majors. He is a passionate man...
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