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To Whom It May Concern(1) - statement of my trips Just...

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Written Statement Explaining the Reason for the Request of Change of Status In December of 2010, I accomplished one great goal of my life. I graduate from high school in Barao do Amazonas School . As a new grad I received a present from my parents, a ticket to Utah in US. As a LDS member I always wanted to visit the SLC temple and historical Mormon Church places. My trip did not affect my school because I had just graduated and I was not working at the time. I came to USA as a tourist and my intent was to stay here and go back to Brazil on May 07, 2011. I planned my stay in the US. The first Three months I lived with my dad’s friends and then I rented a room in the Riviera Apts. As prove of it I’m sending my rental history. During this period, I had the opportunity to go visit many LDS places, UT national parks such as yellow stone, Las Vegas, Disney in California, Hollywood, and at beautiful San Diego beach. As prove of it I’ m sending pictures and bank
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Unformatted text preview: statement of my trips. Just after my tourist adventure in US, my plan was to go back to Brazil and study for a test called ‘vestibular’ that everyone needs to take before entering college. Because English is an international tool that will help me for the rest of my life, I decided to stay here in USA and study English for one semester at PACE International Academic in Orem. It would help me to learn English and find a better job in the future. I would start to study at PACE International Academic in September 2011 and finish in January 2012, then I would go to Brazil in February to do the ‘vestibular test’ in order to get in college by April of 2012. This is my plan, if everything works out I will be able to master my English skills and fulfill the requirements that the vestibular test requires from me in order to get in college in my home country within eight months....
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