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Personal Information Employe e BPRS Search RETURN TO MENU | SITE MAP | HELP Display Transcript Emigdio Gonzalez-Niquet Jul 16, 2011 11:11 pm This is NOT an official transcript. Courses which are in progress may also be included on this transcript. Institution Credit Transcript Totals Courses in Progress Transcript Data STUDENT INFORMATION Name : Emigdio Gonzalez-Niquet Curricu lum Inform ation Curren t Progra m College : Woodbu ry School of Busines s Major and Depart ment: Account ing, Account ing ***Transcript type:U is NOT Official *** INSTITUTION CREDIT -Top- Term: 2009 SUMMER Acade mic Standin g: Good Standin g
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nal Standin g: Dean's List Subject Course Level Title Grade Credit Hours Quality Points R DANC 2720 UG Latin Ballroo m Dance II GF A 1.000 4.00 ENGL 1010 UG Intro to Writing CC B+ 3.000 10.20 MATH 1050 UG College Algebra QL A- 4.000 14.80 MATH 1100 UG Intro to Calculu s QL A 4.000 16.00 PES 1097 UG Fitness for Life FE B 2.000 6.00 PORT 2020 UG Interme diate Portugu ese II HH A 3.000 12.00 Term Totals (Under graduat e) Attemp t Hours Passed Hours Earned Hours GPA Hours Quality Points
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This note was uploaded on 12/13/2011 for the course MGMT 330R taught by Professor Eugeneseeley during the Spring '11 term at Utah Valley University.

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unofficial transcript - Personal Information Student...

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