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2nd to last lecture - 10:38 am Social trap generates...

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29/11/2011 10:38 am - Social trap - generates massive externalities absent regulation - massive amnt of externalities so in relation to problems like this (?) - need regulation ppl have tendency to privilege the short term instead of the long term governments are not better than individuals at considering the future because of social trap at the level of nations governments driven by short-term concerns (will we win the next election?, not what are the consequences of overfishing? - keep subsidizing over-capitalized and over-fished resources) - if sustainability is a matter of distribution and equity - than what sustainability boils down to (in practice) is a choice that each generation has to make in terms of consumption versus saving and investment - Important point: think of sustainability as conducting ourselves in present so as not to jeopardize future gens to fend for themselves our concern for future gens goes hand in hand with a "callous disregard" for the poor right now. raises question: who's future generations? conceivable that we can fend for ourselves and also preserve the ability for our future generations to fend for themselves at the expense of the poor right now and their future generations therefore: sustainability requires that our circle of concern be truly global - need to be concerned about future generations everywhere and the poor right now to bring poor out of poverty - need to necessarily increase their consumption and not focus on investment - so there might be a trade-off between addressing poverty today and sustainability for future generations Environmental protection - best way for investing in the future- cleanest way inter-generational equity - sacrificing things now for future generations - need to think about how wealthy future generations are going to be - if we think future will be richer than we are now -
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2nd to last lecture - 10:38 am Social trap generates...

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