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November 1st - November 1st Access Loss is Most Serious...

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November 1st Access Loss is Most Serious Impact : MV ownership rates are significantly lower in INdia and China relative to the OECD, smaller contributions to greenhouse emissions. The local impacts in these countries are higher. - High ownership rates at low income levels, Mexico had a lower MV ownership rate than India and China. A range of factors contribute to this high rate. - Massive gap of the needs of the context and the policies put into place. The context calls for problem prevent, but we are sadly focusing accommodating MV activity, at the expense of pedestrians, even in a resource rich country those policies have been shown by hard data to be counter productive. In India, the resources to put money into highway infrastructure, it would be highly disruptive to build the infrastructure. The loss of accessibility is at the core of these problems: accessibility: - the ability or ease to getting to a desired destination - (preferred) the ease to conduct desired activities at desired locations, times, modes of different classes of people-> transport is derived demand, you don't travel for the heck of it most of the time. Transport always has a purpose. That ability has been compromised as a result of massive increases in MV activity. Urban transport planning normally accommodates MV, not pedestrians, thus the loss of accessibility is the foundation of the urban transport problem. This has made the pedestrian a third class person - loss of accessibility contributes to and exacerbates all of the other impacts (air pollution, energy, road traffic fatalities) - ex: a hard median in the middle of the road, crossing the road is extremely difficult. the walking trip to cross the road is too long (and hazardous), thus people take a MV to cross the street. People are forced to take MVs for the shortest distances. THe
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November 1st - November 1st Access Loss is Most Serious...

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