November 22nd- Lecture

November 22nd- Lecture - Rationale for Alternative Fuels -...

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Rationale for Alternative Fuels - Great Need to control energy consumptions and implement low carbon alternatives - Lion's share of air pollution - alternative desirab;e - energy security, urban air, pollution, climate change - good transport fuels, more widely available, can be produced more widely, potential to address climate change - natural gad - biomass fuels- depending on how efficient they are produced and used OIl: take it out of the ground, burn it and CO2 is released into the atmosphere, it is an irreversible process biomass fuels: ethanol from crops (corn) there is the potential to address climate change, when you burn ethanol that is produced from corn you get CO2 into the atmosphere, that CO2 has the potential to be captured back by the growing crops (through photosynthesis)- thus burn in an efficient manner, potential for recapture the CO2 through the growing of the crops Soceital vs. vehicle use perspectives -societal perspective - energy security, air pollution, Greenhouse gas emissions - "Clean" fuels or vehicles vs. Fuels systems - importance of fuel cycle "Well to wheels" approach, the growing of the crops to processing the crops into fuel, to distribution, to using the fuel in vehicles, MAYBE ADD the process of producing the bio car. Assess the impacts on the fuel cycle concerns of changing from gas Vehicles User Perspective: - Reliability (fuel supply; vehicle performance)- if you run out of fuel nowhere near a station (ability to drive well, or capable to be used in cold weather)
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November 22nd- Lecture - Rationale for Alternative Fuels -...

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