November 24th - sustainability

November 24th - sustainability - - how to fulfill the...

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November 24th Sustainability: Issues and Implications - sustainability used widely, not thought through, "plastic"; vague as to meaning, implications, how it can be operationalized -e.g. Sustainable transport - would you know a sustainable transport system if you saw one? what is the criteria or the lack thereof. how would you operationalize sustainable transport? not useful for policy, although vague, perhaps its vagueness itself forces us to think what it means and how it can be operationalized. - Not very useful for policy; but NOT useless! - What is sustainability? - what is the obligation? - what implications does this obligation entail?
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Unformatted text preview: - how to fulfill the obligation?- essentially a moral obligation to the future, but one cannot be obligated to do what is infeasible - obligation to leave the world as we found it in every detail (STRONG) sustainability infeasible, may be undesirable - Solo argues that it is in feasible to work to preserve the environment, work with the obligation that we work in cooperation so that the future generation can enjoy the same life as we do today - we do not and cannot know TA office hours: Heather (A) & Mona (B) [email protected] Monday 1030-12 rm 415 MacHarrington...
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