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November 24th- Conclusion Biofuels

November 24th- Conclusion Biofuels - November 24th posted 2...

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November 24th - posted 2 additional readings (for interest only) required - Robert Solo - Sustainability: Daily & Ehrlich - Guha Biofuel Lecture: Continued - range of impacts: Land requirements for biofuel productions Corn: 70% of the corn grown is used for animal feed, bio fuels is an additional factor - trade off between fuel vs. food vs. feed - corn is a major feedstock for ethanol production, that sets up major trade offs and conflicts between food feed and fuel - divert corn to the production of bio fuels, it sets up trade offs and conflicts - one group against the rise in corn price b/c of biofuel production are the ppl in the livestock production - it is not at all clear that biofuels can infect contribute to biofuel production, when corn goes up in price, other food goes up in price (their land becomes more valuable), and thus across the world other areas are created more fields to compensate for the increase in price Second Generator biofuels: - Cellulosic materials:
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