November 29th

November 29th - November 29th Sustainability: Robert Solo's...

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November 29th Sustainability: Robert Solo's basis for sustainability is for substitution for sustainability: Ozone: CFCs impacts result in the loss of ozone, irreplaceable - obliged to leave the knowledge to find substitutes: this sense, of Solo's obligation is general, not required to preserve individual resource or species, but a generalized capacity by maintaining and well being by natural capital and technology - sustainability is the sharing of equity, how do we fulfil this obligation, can we leave it to markets? Markets do a bad job of reflecting environmental values. left to markets, we are not likely to end up with a socially efficient amount of air pollution (that's why we have regulation) - markets have a bad count of taking in the future concerns. Not at all represented in markets. No way for future people to represent their concerns. Need and concerns of future generations tend to be short term? People's choices tend to be driven by short term - massive externalities, relation to problems, you need regulation. Left to the market, it is unlikely that you get an unacceptable level of pollution. Ppl have a tendency to privilege the short terms instead of the long term. Governments are not much better in considering the future, the social trap at the level of nations. Governments are driven by short term, are aware of potential levels of over fishing, but still subsidize fishing to win the next election. Sustainability: a choice of present consumption vs. saving and investment (in all types of capital). How much do we set aside in terms of money, R&D and technology to deal with capacity dealing with running out of resources. Sustainability conducted in the present: Solo argues that our concerns with the future
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November 29th - November 29th Sustainability: Robert Solo's...

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